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Yard Cleaning Service: Do not put it on your waiting list about “things to do.”

Many people think when they hear about cleaning service that it is an expensive manner to have your yard in a beautiful way. But let me tell you that it is not the right answer. Yard Cleaning Service is cheaper than you believe. Therefore, you can find several services at an affordable price and with a high-quality.

What happened if I cannot move my waste?

It does not matter if you have a place to move it or not! We will visit you at your house and do it for you, and it will lead you to a more comfortable status at your home. You need to provide us the address and explain all the situations, and then we will be at your door. In case you are not familiar with the prices, we will provide you an estimated price with the information presented.

Book now 917-985-8295 and ask how to save money!

What are the benefits of purchasing the service from your company?

Well, our company presents a huge amount of benefits for the service and in terms of customer service.

  • We provide 24/7 assistance; in any case, you had an emergency.

v We will not need any equipment from you. Our company always provides them.

v Our pricing is competitive and cost-effectiveness against our competitors.

v We will provide you many services such as yard waste removal, yard clearing, yard debris removal, junk removal and so many other services

What is the next step after the removing of waste?

Because you will notice our company´s commitment, you probably want to continue making a contract with us. Therefore, in order to have your yard in a clean way, you can add a service of maintenance. We will be providing the specifications and requirements for this new task.

What happened if I have an emergency and I need the services as soon as possible?

Thanks to the 24/7 customer support, we will help you with your emergency, but the cost can vary depending on the situation. Because it will be an exceptional case, we can probably charge you a fee amount in the estimated price.

Book now 917-985-8295 and ask how to save money!

Do not try to lose your time by making it on your own! Call the professionals…

Do you really want to lose many hours trying to enhance the yard waste removal? Do not try to do it in uncountable hours. Meanwhile, you can be doing something else with your family or friends. Because of all our workers are professional people; you will always need to see just the result after finishing with the task, and therefore, be happier without spending time making this task.

Complete a risky task that an be dangerous for you!

If you have never performed these types of tasks and they will require some dangerous steps, you can pass a harmful experience. That is why it is better to let professional people helping with these problems with dirt removal.

Can I re-schedule the booked service?

Of course, you can re-schedule the booked service. But you must do it, with at least six hours before the appointed hour. This is to avoid our workers to go to your house and then come back to our office and without supplying you with the paid service.

Moreover, you can cancel the appointment, but you must need to re-schedule. We cannot give you back the money for the services as a company´s policy. Therefore, in any case, that you will not be able to attend our people, you just make sure to tell us, and we will be communicating with you to create a new appointment.

Book now 917-985-8295 and ask how to save money!